First and foremost, we thank God our Father in Heaven who has always been with us in whatever
we do.We are Africans who would like to share with you about our Lord Jesus Christ.Our goal is
the same as it has always been , to serve God and His people by doing His will to the best of our
ability.In collaboration with the world video bible school,bible video lessons has been provided to
ease your understanding of the bible.Please feel free to join us to work hard for Christ.



God’s work on earth has not left out Yoke, a village in the South West of Cameroon.
It was Wednesday 15th June, 2016 that a team of nine Brothers set out to evangelize
the population of this village. The population of this village is about 1000
(estimate only),and plagued with denominationalism. Yet the Lord knows His own.
On arrival we gathered and prayed after receiving words of admonition from the
mission team coordinator, Brother Moses Tabe. On that first day we set up equipment
for evening preaching, and since it was rainy, we simply went to sleep. The following
morning, we set out for preaching.Each day was characterized by door-to-evangelism and
public lectures on relevant Bible topics on the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. In
the evening, at about 10 pm, we held discussions on the work for the day – evaluation,
noting lapses and encouraging ourselves on the way forward.We were blessed that it did
not rain on most of the days as we visited prospects and discussed the word of God.
At theend of the exercise the Lord added five (5) souls to the Yoke congregation of
the church of Christ



The team carried evangelism within part of the village for the
five days members were out there. There was no anomaly of health
or anything. There is continuous need for Ministers in churches in Cameroon
but we would continue to work within the means available by His grace.
Four of the five souls baptized were present at the Sunday worship.
We thank God for the brethren who supported this work. We pray that the good
Lord replenishes all you have sacrificed for His course one hundred fold.
God bless you ever.